Curable and Watercolor

Oh, hai. I’m still figuring out this new blog thing. An elder millennial, the old WordPress I used was more … I don’t know, 90’s. But why am I here?

I came from . This led me to here. Where I paint, have my Etsy links, and I’ll mention Curable time and again. It’s a chronic pain app that I took a leap of faith on December of 2018. I was desperate before preparing for a surgery to confirm endometriosis. The doctor was pretty sure, among other evidence, that this was what was keeping me from living and walking normally for a few months, maybe even years. It was a gradual decline, probably since I got my first period in 7th grade in my misguided purple elastic corduroy jeans. I just said a bunch of horrible words there that don’t go together, and it wasn’t endometriosis.

I was hitting a low, a depression of the foggiest states, terrified reading the failure statistics of all laparoscopies, excisions, ablations, etc. 50 to 80 percent of women will return with the same misery, if not worse, from regrowth. The average number of surgeries I kept coming across for people who went this route with around 12. My head was spinning imagining the amount of time I would spend sitting on a couch, require tending to, killing brain cells on the Netflix, burning a hole in my couch, never wanting to have married lady sex from recovery and pain, getting fat from not being able to exercise and giving up, henceforth, eating whatever was in reach from fatigue.

This is not even to mention my other diagnoses from previous years. Lupus, fibro, la dee dah. Standard vague autoimmune bull that’s all the rage for us women now days. So Instagram bombed me with Curable Health ads. Chronic Pain App. It’s not the first time I’d heard of something similar, like the Dynamic Neural Retraining system. I knew there just had to be some identifiable connection between pain and emotions, trauma, all that. I paid for a monthly subscription for 1 month. At the end of 2 weeks, I was all in. Subscription for a year. (BTW. The only sponsored freaky Instagram ad that I’ve ever used).

Not only did they teach me what pain truly is, they started opening a new realm of science… pain psychology that I believe is suppressed. If you have a chronic illness, you’ve been tossed through the wringer, ringer? Wringer … You’ve been tossed around from doctor to pill to starving diets that deteriorate your health and hope further. No one bothers to teach you how to help yourself from the root of the problem. From the inside out. I had done them all. Meditation, acupuncture, self-help books, psychology books, various forms of therapy. They all helped, but no one linked the amygdala, the ANS (autonomic nervous system), the subconscious to any of this. 

I’m recommending the app to anyone with recurring pain, even anxiety. I do not monetize from promoting them. They simply saved my life. They did like one of my favorite pieces of art though, that they themselves inspired for my re-framing visualizations, and went as far as being my first watercolor customers. It’s in this one … I don’t know how to link to these properly yet. You can find it on Etsy. They have done more for my health in the last 9 years than any doctor has by letting me prove to myself I can get back to painting, lifting my arms above my head which I was admonished by doctors not to do because it was dangerous, back to walking without pain, to running after being warned I cannot run. 

I will continue sharing my Curable experience on this blog as I experience breakthroughs and complete their exercises. I will also always link to at least one of my favorite watercolor products, because this is the passion they helped me get back on track with. Please check out Curable. And Curable, please do the affiliate thing, so I can also make money at home while I exponentially increase in my healing. Please, thank you, come again. 

If anyone has tried this and had success, I would love to hear from you!

This is one of my beloved pieces that the headquarters of Curable bought from me, available here on Etsy:


HealingFinal - Web

And these are the amazing paints (and other materials) used to make the original. It all happened by accident and serendipity. How awesome is that?


Dr. Ph. Martin’s Radiant Concentrated Water Color, 0.5 oz, Set of 14 (Set A)

Contains the brightest Lemon Yellow of them all!


Dr. Ph. Martin’s Radiant Concentrated Water Color (Set C) Watercolor Set, 0.5 oz, Set C Colors, 1 Set of 12 Bottles

This set is the crazy colors!!


Savoir Faire Fabriano Studio WC Pad 11X14 HP 300G 50 Shts

This paper was used.

Silver Brush SLM-Basic Susan Louise Moyer Basic Silk Painting Watercolor Set, 3 Per Pack

And these sexy brushes. 

That is all for today. Back to healing and painting. 







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